Government open to revisiting smoking ban

According to a statement by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam, the government would be open to debate on the continuing of smoking areas in casino VIP rooms, TDM radio reported.
“It’s still early. But we’re open [to the idea]. We’ll analyse first; we have to be objective and open-minded,” Alexis Tam stated, suggesting a possible revision of the zero tolerance policy in relation to VIP gaming floors by the government.
The Secretary said he would wait to see the results of the report conducted by the Legislative Assembly’s second standing committee, which has been analysing the smoking ban law for almost a year. The chairman of the sub-committee, Chan Chak Mo, told reporters following a closed-door session meeting on the full-smoking ban that the majority of the members of the committee support the establishment of smoking lounges in local casinos, while only two members support a total smoking ban, as reported by Business daily. Alexis Tam stated he would study the proposals by the Macau Health Bureau and admits the possibility of conducting another enquiry by the gaming operators and workers, TDM Radio reported.