Contracts for all

An additional MOP68.15 million contract was awarded to Hong Kong company MTR Corporation Limited yesterday for management and technical assistance for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project

The MSAR Government approved a MOP68.15 million (US$8.46 million) contract with Hong Kong company MTR Corporation Limited for additional management and technical assistance for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, a dispatch in the Official Gazette announced.
The MTR Corporation is responsible for managing the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR), while also being engaged in property rental and management in the neighbouring SAR and in mainland China.
Last year, the group was awarded a service contract worth MOP474.3 million for the provision of management and technical assistance for the city’s LRT projects, having been already awarded a MOP54.1 million contract in 2015 to provide the first stage of technical support for the contingency plans for the city’s LRT depot.
The Hong Kong group was also responsible for a MOP7.5 million preliminary study on the Macau urban railway transport system requested by former Chief Executive, Edmund Ho Hau Wa, in 2002.
A release yesterday also stated that a MOP32.80 million contract was signed with Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited to create the development plan for one section of the Seac Pai Van LRT line.
The Seac Pai Van LRT section will connect with the Taipa LRT Line, and is expected to go through Estrada do Istmo, Rotunda de Seac Pai Van, and Estrada de Seac Pai Van, connecting to the Seac Pai Van public housing and the Outlying Island Medical Complex.
The LRT Taipa line is expected to be concluded in 2019 with an expected budget of around MOP11 billion to develop 9.3 kilometres of line and 11 stations, with the government still not having provided a deadline for the Macau Peninsula and Seac Pai Van lines.
In June of this year, the Hong Kong design and engineering solutions company was also granted a MOP189 million contract to oversee and manage the project and the budget for the construction of the fourth bridge between Macau and Taipa.

Finishing UM payments
Several releases yesterday also informed that the MSAR Government will make payments amounting to MOP12.60 million this year as final payments to Chinese company Guangdong Nanyue Group for four contracts related to the development and construction of the University of Macau (UM) and the Hengqin underwater tunnel.
According to the releases, this year the Macau Government will pay MOP2.06 million of the MOP4.35 billion contract with Guangdong Nanyue for the construction of department buildings, sport facilities and resident buildings for the new UM campus.
A final payment of MOP4.79 million will also be made this year to the same company for the MOP1.98 billion contract for the development of the underground tunnel connecting Hengqin with Cotai, with a remaining MOP5.74 million to be paid for two contracts related to the construction of the new UM campus’ central residences, commerce buildings and main areas.

Residual waters
The government has also approved an MOP84.64 million contract with Companhia de Construção Cheong Kong Limitada for the planning and construction of installations for diverting residual waters in the Areia Preta area into the Macau Peninsula Wastewater Treatment Plant.
The project has a goal of improving of the wastewater drainage situation in the rain collectors’ exits at the coastal area near the Gongbei Border.

New construction waste sheriff
Companhia de Construção de Obras Portuárias Zhen Hwa, Limitada also saw its MOP62.91 million contract for operating the landfill for construction materials near the Macau International Airport for a two-year period, approved by the Chief Executive yesterday.

Housing Customs
A MOP36.34 million contract was also signed with Companhia de Decoração San Kei Ip, Limitada for the construction of the new Customs building at Rua Tenente Pedro José da Silva Loureiro in Taipa.
According to the public tender result, the local company vowed to finish the new Customs building near the Macau Jockey Club in 364 days.