CE meets with neighbouring officials on flood-prevention

A meeting between local officials and those of the neighbouring province of Guangdong has given impetus to a study geared towards the eventual construction of a seawall aimed at preventing flooding in the MSAR’s Inner Harbour area, according to an official release.
The meeting took place between Macau’s top official, Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On, in Guangzhou, as well as the local Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo do Rosário, and the governor of Guangdong province Ma Xingrui and the vice-governor Deng Haiguang. Additional officials from both sides were also present at the encounter, which took place yesterday afternoon.
The local Chief Executive praised the provincial government for the help provided during the catastrophe, having provided urgent resources and organization to the city in its time of need.
The top official also pointed out the MOP11.48 billion in damages was inflicted on the MSAR, resulting from damage incurred by flooding – which reached 5.58 metres at its highest point – and highlighted Macau’s regular problems with flooding, laid bare by the passage of Typhoon Hato.
Pointing out that the local government has, over the years, conducted a series of ‘studies and measures’, even leading a delegation to Beijing in 2013 to speak with ministries in the central government about the matter, the top official sought the neighbouring province’s support for going ahead with the flood-prevention work. A local official explained the project and the construction plan for potential floodgates, as well as exchanging opinions with officials from the neighbouring province. The discussions resulted in agreement to strengthen dialogue between the regions, move forward with coordination works, start in-depth analysis of the flood-prevention project and work to start it ‘as soon as possible’.