Still no re-opening date confirmed for SOHO eateries at City of Dreams

All eight restaurants in the SOHO food district at City of Dreams (CoD) closed down during the summer and remain closed to date, the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) confirmed to Business Daily.
‘Our Office has assigned staff to scrutinize the establishments concerned regularly, with no act of violation against the close-down order discovered,’ the MGTO spokesperson response reads.
The restaurants were shut down in June by the tourism authority due to a lack of operating licences, following a probing process that started in 2016.
Pursuant to the law, MGTO had to close down the businesses after they failed to provide the necessary documents in order to regulate their operations, further penalising them with a fine of MOP600,000, according to previous reports.
In its written reply to Business Daily, MGTO informed that the interested parties are still ‘following up with the advices given by the technical departments,’ and will be allowed to open again ‘after the licences are issued.’
At the time of the announcement, five other outlets in the property were under probe by MGTO, according to information provided then by the agency’s director, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes.
The relevant authorities have issued no updates about the current licencing situation or potential closing of the remaining five eateries.
SOHO opened in 2014 at CoD, a property of Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited.
Melco had not replied to Business Daily’s enquiries by the time this story went to print.