PokerStars aims to break new records

A guaranteed prize pool of HK$25 million is set to lure in poker players both short-haul and long-haul this month for PokerStars’ Asia Championship of Poker, according to the group’s Department Head of Live Events Asia-Pacific, Mark Blake. The event takes place October 13 to 29.
The prize pool is “unprecedented here in Macau,” points out Blake, noting that the tournament also has a “HK$100,000 buy-in, which is the biggest buy-in event in Asia and definitely is on a world stage – there’s not too many events globally that buy-in at that level,” Blake notes.
Seeing exponential growth over the past nine years since setting up in Macau, the next five years are set to “deliver bigger and better,” guarantees Blake, noting that the near-50 per cent increase in player numbers from 2015 to 2016 is maintainable in the near future.
Coming off of the 1,308-unique player Macau Poker Cup, which broke its own record in terms of turnout, Blake notes that “players are starting to discover Macau for the first time and telling others about it”.
“Understanding the market and constantly honing what we do, and asking our players what works, what they like and don’t like and adjusting our product to suit them,” has been key to staying competitive in this market, notes Blake, pointing out that looking forward “making sure that we’re doing all we can to grow the local market, whilst also attracting the international visitors to Macau,” will be the tone.
Read more in the October edition of Macau Business magazine or watch the interview on on Tuesday, October 10.