LiNiu to partner with PICC for platform’s promotion

LiNiu Technology Group, formerly junket group Iao Kun Group Holdings, is expanding its diversification efforts, announcing a three-year ‘strategic cooperation agreement’ with the Guangzhou branch of The People’s Insurance Company of China Limited (PICC), according to a company release.
Through the agreement, the two companies will develop ‘new insurance products tailored for farmers, rural residents and the agricultural industry that would help in solving the Three Rural Issues,’ notes the release.
The Three Issues are those relating to rural development in the Mainland, namely in Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers, having been highlighted by previous Chinese leaders.
LiNiu will ‘prioritise promotion’ of the PICC’s products on its agricultural trading platform, while PICC will promote LiNiu’s products, services and platform ‘to its customers through brochures or booths in branch offices’.
“We are pleased to be working closely with PICC to help further enhance our presence in Guangdong province while devising new products in concert with PICC that should provide additional benefits to customers of our LiNiuYang platform,” stated Mr. Wang Shun Yang, co-Chief Executive Officer of LiNiu Technology Group.