Galaxy boss hopes gov’t greenlights smoking lounges

The chairman of casino operator Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd., Lui Che Woo, expressed his hopes that the SAR Government would not implement a full smoking ban in local casinos and would allow casinos to set up smoking lounges, according to Hong Kong media reports.
The gaming operator boss, speaking to reporters after the company’s annual board meeting in Hong Kong on Tuesday, said the implementation of a full smoking ban would affect casino businesses, urging the government to make a decision based on the situation.
He added that the government should take Singapore and the Philippines as references – where smoking lounges are allowed for smokers, encouraging the government to give the nod to smoking rooms inside local casinos.
On the other hand, Mr. Lui reckons that the city’s two new implementations related to the gaming industry - the ban on phone betting and the application of UnionPay card-terminal with identification systems - would not unduly influence Galaxy’s business.
The operator’s deputy chairman, Francis Lui Yiu Tung, also remarked that the company’s performance during the past Labour Day Holiday was not bad, with the casino business stable. He hopes the openings of other new casino projects will attract more visitors to Macau.