Debtor database on the cards

Junket association expects the system to commence operations next month

Kwok Chi Chung, President of the Macau Association of Gaming and Entertainment Promoters, said the junket-proposed debtor database system has already passed its trials and is currently awaiting approval from the MSAR Government’s Office for Personal Data Protection (GPDP).
The junket association head now expects the debtor database to be officially established next month.
Mr. Kwok told Business Daily in a phone interview yesterday that the group has already declared to the GPDP that the system is in accordance with the city’s Personal Data Protection Laws.
To ensure the system abides by the instructions of the Office, all loan contracts for debtors issued by junket members will include a statement approving that the debtors’ information be saved in the database and be used for reference by members of the database, according to Mr. Kwok.
Apart from the GPDP, the association president said the group has also reported the system to the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau.
The database is a shared blacklist of gaming players who are considered at high risk of defaulting.
The President added that the association has been in constant contact with both the GPDP and DICJ, hence both government departments are well aware of the progress of the database system set up.
Mr. Kwok mentioned earlier during a summit at the MGS Entertainment Show that the database can help VIP promoters prevent overlapping lending, thus reducing the risk of bad debts.
In addition, the shared database, supported by the DICJ, will be operated by the industry itself, said Mr. Kwok during the MGS Entertainment Show.