House for startups

A Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries will be included in a new startup incubation centre being developed in the Nape District, occupying 1,300 square metres and capable of accommodating in excess of 100 local and overseas startups

The new Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries will be located in a new space to be provided to the Macau Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre (CINJ), authorities revealed yesterday at the 22nd Macau International Fair (MIF) Young Entrepreneurs Forum of China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.
‘[The two centres] will work to build a platform for youth entrepreneurship innovation in China and Portuguese-speaking countries, to bring together talent and share resources without regional or time zone limitations,’ MIF information stated.
Created in 2015 by the Macau Economic Services (DSE), CINJ provides support to local entrepreneurs looking to initiate their businesses, offering training courses, consultations, free temporary offices, and business matching.
CINJ is currently located in the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) offices of China Civil Plaza building in Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção, but will move to the 3rd floor of The Carat building in NAPE district.
According to CINJ Secretary Helen Pun Wai In the new centre will attempt to attract around 20 companies already located in the IPIM Macau Business Support Centre (MBSC) to the new incubation centre, while approaching “20 to 30 local startups” to move to the space from November onwards to “test the facilities and its technologies”.

The new 1,300 square metre space will open around the clock, with two meeting rooms providing the capacity for 60 people, together with leisure and consultancy spaces with the CINJ representative; the space will seek to accommodate around 100 startups.
“The new centre is much larger and we can accommodate more startups plus different events and training sessions. It will also have open area offices, lockers and five private offices in the startup accelerator,” Ms. Pun told Business Daily.
The official opening ceremony of the new startup centre is slated for December this year, with the Macau Economic Services (DSE) having inked an agreement with Parafuturo de Macau Investment and Development Limited - a company created by the Macau Government in 2015 - to manage the space.
According to Ms. Pun - who is also the Secretary of Parafuturo de Macau - startups have difficulties creating business relations for their development, with the new centre seeking to assist entrepreneurs in their networking efforts.
In order to assist startups in “building relations” in Mainland China, Ms. Pun said Parafuturo de Macau will make use of the Macao Interaction Area in the 760 Creative Industry Park in Zhongshan, a one-stop platform for youth innovation and entrepreneurship created by the company.