Hengqin City pours RMB200 mln into recovery

The Hengqin Authority has disbursed RMB200 million (US$30.33 million) to help rebuild facilities and build­ings affected by the onslaught of Typhoon Hato last week, according to infor­mation issued by the area’s administrative body.
The amount will be specifically used for disassembling tower cranes, construction lifts, and other temporary buildings on construction sites that were damaged during the calamity.
In order to ensure optimum use of the money, the Authority has appointed the anti-graft office of Hengqin City to monitor the use of the funds and to regulate declaration procedures.
According to the press release, posted by the Hengqin City Administrative Office, the Authority estimates damages amounting to approximately RMB2.68 billion in Hengqin caused by the super typhoon, during which 137 construction sites suffered various levels of damage.
Huafa Tennis Hall, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Company Limited were some of the victims of Typhoon Hato.
The Authority also reported that some 43,000 individuals were affected in Hengqin.
Earlier, the Authorities also rolled out tax rebate measures for 10 different areas including corporate income tax and individual income tax for affected firms and individuals in need.