Lamborghini only after Grand Prix

The Italian carmaker confirmed to Business Daily it has postponed the opening of its new showroom in the MSAR, previously scheduled for October

The new showroom of Automobili Lamborghini in the MSAR is now scheduled to open on December 9, Business Daily learned from the company’s head of marketing in the city, Jessie Leong.
“We would have liked to have opened it before the Grand Prix, but it is taking a bit longer than expected, with all the furniture coming from Italy having not arrived yet,” Ms. Leong told Business Daily.
The Italian supercar-maker had announced in early July that it was going to open its new full-service showroom in the city in October of this year.
Lamborghini also launched a new two-storey showroom in Hong Kong last Thursday, in the Wan Chai district, according to information provided to Business Daily by the marketing team from the neighbouring city.
Ms. Leong confirmed the company is investing some MOP10 million in the four-storey 10,000-square foot outlet (encompassing sales, service, spare parts and systems services) located on Rua dos Pescadores in the Areia Preta district, in northern Macau.
Business Daily visited the facilities earmarked to house the future showroom, finding the Lamborghini signage already in place.
Regarding the location, Ms. Leong claimed it is a sort of an “iconic” area, where the “original” Lamborghini store first opened in 2011, in addition to hosting several other dealerships.
The area is known for accommodating various car retailers and repair service stations, with operations from several renowned international brands such as Honda, BMW (and Mini Cooper), Maserati, and Suzuki, among others, in the area.

Ms. Leong said that Lamborghini’s sale strategy for the opening of the new store in the city is to target a “high-end clientele, business-oriented, super sport vehicle group,” thus marking a slight change of market orientation.
“In Macau, we used to target the 25-40 years of age group. Now we are targeting a bit more on the mature side,” she said, pointing out that “it is more of a quality than quantity strategy.”
“We are not a mass brand, like Mercedes and BMW,” she highlighted.
Ms. Leong also said that the company is investing in SUV (sports utility vehicle) models, launching a new line at the end of the year, since the “market seems to be doing well for SUVs.”
Lamborghini’s dealership in the MSAR is to be overseen by Kingsway Holdings Cars Limited, the sole official distributor for Lamborghini in Hong Kong since 1992.
It is the first time Kingsway is representing the Lamborghini brand in the city.
Kam Bo Motors Limited had previously operated dealerships in the two previous Lamborghini outlets in the MSAR, in Areia Preta and later in Nova City in Taipa.