It’s a bubble, says a prominent economist. New home mortgages increased 45 pct y-o-y in October. With Macau residents accounting for the great majority.
AirAsia is diversifying its services. From low-cost carrier to low-cost courier. The budget airline told Business Daily it plans to introduce RedBox to Greater China in the next few months. Its express courier and parcel delivery service is currently available in 31 Asian cities
HK$80 million of illegal assets have been recovered. The Public Prosecutor’s Office transferred the money back to Macau on December 5. This follows HK$360 million recovered from several Hong Kong banks in 2009.
Analysts remain sceptical. Predicting Macau’s gaming revenue is unlikely to grow in 2015. Opening new hotels is not enough to offset negative market growth, they say.
The A & P budget has been approved. Macau Government Tourist Office will spend MOP31.3 million to promote the territory overseas. Japan, Australia and New Zealand get the biggest slice of the advertising and promotional cake. Most forms of media will be employed
Smoking is an expensive habit. By November, the Health Bureau had fined 7,200 people in Macau for smoking offences. Overall, residents accounted for 61.1 pct of those nabbed.
It’s been 7 years. But Asia Adult Expo is transforming itself. From a trade networking event into a consumer show. Some exhibitors are disappointed at the low turnout of professional buyers; while others consider it a great platform to promote their brands to the public.
The more you have, the more dissatisfied. According to the Happiness Index Study on Macau Residents 2014. Apparently, people earning more are the saddest.
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