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Another survey. This time, by a junket promoter association. Which reveals 99pct of 12,518 interviewees are pro casino smoking lounges. The reason given is that this will help maintain gaming revenues, the overall economic development of Macau – and jobs
Another casino opening, another delay. Yesterday, SJM chief executive Ambrose So added the venerable Jai Alai to the lengthening list. Announcing the opening has been postponed to after Q1 2016 at least.
100 billion yuan in transactions per month for starters. The 1st Hengqin FTA ‘Internet + Commodity + Finance’ High-End Summit kicked off yesterday. With plans to put Hengqin on the map as a new financial centre.
The average price of offices in Macau has posted two consecutive quarterly drops. The 6pct-plus plunge exceeds that of the residential and industrial sectors.
It’s a slap in the face for the DSSOPT. And another prime example of public works gone truly awry. The Commission of Audit has identified three ‘crimes’ perpetrated by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau.
Mainland authorities have designated September 3 a national holiday. Commemorating the ‘70th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War’.
With sliding gaming revenues, hotel occupancy rate, and earning per hotel room, Macau Legend said it earned 65.6 per cent less in the first quarter than last year, at HK$74.9 million (US$9.33 million)
The numbers are massive. In terms of what’s already being built. And what’s waiting for the green light. DSSOPT data reveals 18 hotel projects under construction.
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