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The rating firm expects slight growth in Macau’s casino revenues to appear in the coming years.
The Macau Civil Servants Association will conduct a public survey to evaluate the performance of the Chief Executive and his Secretaries, and to assess resident’s level of demand for more directly-elected legislators.
DSSOPT has opened a public tender for the revamping of a pedestrian path in Taipa.
A delegation of young local entrepreneurs travelled to Portugal to research and network with the country’s main industries.
Overall, Asia stands out with 289 universities making the list of 980 institutions, and an elite group of 19 in the top 200, up from 15 last year.
Travel industry representatives say Mainland Chinese tourists choose to stay in Macau longer than in Hong Kong.
Following the Panama Papers released earlier this year, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has uncovered another global scandal involving many influential and powerful officials, yet the MSAR has not yet been found to have been involved in the latest leaks.
Inflation hit a new low of 1.65 pct y-o-y in August. The lowest since January 2010, DSEC data reveals. The city’s composite consumer price index (CPI) hit 108.10 for the month, attributable to parking space rentals, increased cost of eating out, and increases in property management fees and vehicles among other factors.
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